In the beginning, there was something

I posses a few things in life that are very dear to me. While I appreciate the weightless feeling of possessing nothing – I’m the queen of traveling light (albeit unprepared), I find more pleasure in storing energy and affection in objects that remind me of moments, people and places. You can have healthy relationships with things as long as you’re okay when they disappear.

Buddha and his crew

This is my buddha. He is loyal. I don’t take him on brief holidays, I only invite him along when I’m going to occupy a space for more than a few months. He enjoyed the view from my San Francisco studio on 7th and Judah. He was there in Arnhem when I learned the art of cycling on ice. The Dutch have many skills. This is one of them. He fit in perfectly on my desk in Hong Kong. I think Schumman had a crush on him. He brought me peace in Berlin, a city who has not once revealed its soul to me. And now he is happy in Prague.

Those are my rocks. Did you know it’s a federal offense to take anything out of a National Park? You’re looking at three Yosemite crimes. I need them more than the river does. The rock with a white stripe is from Cinque Terre. We’ve had a relationship for 10 years now.

Those are my hearts.

I was told I can be what I want. This wasn’t verbalized over breakfast, it became obvious in everything I did. My relatives are the original pleasure seekers. I found constant support and encouragement in my own pursuit of pleasure.

So here I am at the beginning. Here are my travel stories from around the world. May my words leave you feeling … something.

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