16 Reasons to travel to Brazil (in pictures)

Have you ever wanted to quit your desk job and go on an adventure to Brazil? Well, that’s exactly what I did in April 2013. Thanks to this ridiculously amazing website with random flight deals, I flew roundtrip from Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro for about $600. We flew into Rio and stayed in the little beach town of Itacoataira. It felt like California. We also visited Foz de Iguaçu, Curitiba and Florianopolis. We traveled mostly by plane because low cost airlines like Gol and Azul often make traveling by plane cheaper than traveling by bus.

So why travel to Brazil?

1. Because this is what Brazilian caterpillars look like

Brazilian caterpillar

Walking down from Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro (and yes, you can and should hike Corcovado) I found this Pseudosphinx tetrio (aka epic Brazilian caterpillar) trying to cross the road.

2. Because Christ is waiting to hug you

Christ the Redeemer

and this is his view …

View from Corcovado Rio

Hiking to the Christ Redeemer is an amazing experience that most people don’t do. We only passed one group the entire way up. It takes about 2 1/2 hours with some steep parts, but overall a medium level hike. Go see what Christ is looking at. It’s worth it.

3. Because Leblon beach gives you that old Rio feeling 

Leblon beach

It’s crumbling in all it’s glory. Not the beach of Leblon itself, that, and the people are beautiful. But it’s what you find beyond the mountain, beyond the beach front and the golden people. It’s where you find a part of Rio that is still drenched in out-dated celebrity splurges while the favelas linger in the back.

4. Because Foz de Iguacu will make you worship nature again

Foz de Iguacu

Foz de Iguazu

The power of Foz de Iguacu is not to be understated. This is the most powerful place I’ve ever experienced. Thunderous water racing and tumbling over the infinite edge makes you remember that all the water that will ever be, is right now.

5. Because this lake side jungle gym is waiting to be played on

Florianopolis Jungle Gym

Some places on Florianopolis are only reached by foot or by ferry boat. This handmade wooden jungle gym is just sitting there waiting to be played on. Or you can lay on the top deck like I did and take in some lake side sun.

6.  Because shirtless shopping is the way forward

Grocery store style in Brazil Seriously, they are a flip flop wearing, shirtless nation. Just don’t get caught lubing up on free sunscreen, even though the high price may tempt you.

7. Because you can enjoy a lunch like this for under $7

Menu of the day in Rio

Food in Brazil is not cheap, especially for dinner and drinks. But you can find great lunch specials at many restaurants for around $7. It’s also easy to find hostels and hotels with breakfast included in the price. What else did I eat in Brazil you ask?

8. Because the big booty mannequin is not to be missed

Booty mannequin

At the market in Rio de Janeiro we discover how much back baby really got. No other portion of the body was ever more fully on display.

9. Because the streets of Rio are covered in creativity

Rio street art

The Santa Tereza neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro is magical, secretive and charming. Situated on a hill, littered with beautiful street art, this neighborhood whispers a vivid story of a tram line now past. Little patches of green give Santa Tereza a secret garden effect.

10. Because this lady has bananas for you

The banana lady at the market

And she’s the cutest little lady in the world and you will want to buy bananas from her. This was at a farmers and crafts market in Paranagua.

11. Because this bikini man has boobies on an umbrella 

Bikinis for sale on Copa Cabana Floating through the sea of sun bathers like a giant jelly fish the bikini man is a walking reminder of breasts. In fact, every where you turn in Rio you think about breasts.

12. Because feijoada is a lifestyle

Feijoada for life

The farofa and feijoada experience


Feijoada is a lifestyle that you’re going to want to get involved in. It’s better than the Sunday roast or weekend brunch. Copious and endless amounts of pork and bean stew overflow onto the table. Read more about the feijoada experience here.

13. Because the creepy Virgin Mary of Florianopolis wills it

The mother is watching

Not only does she will it, but she waits for you. This is perhaps the oddest religious statue I’ve ever seen. Well, this, and the baby Jesus of Prague – who is better classified as epic.

14. Because there are 1,000s of butterflies just waiting to be shared on Instagram

Butterfly waiting to be instagramed


They just flutter around like they don’t have a care in the world. If you rub your fingers together in front of the butterfly it will open it’s wings. Little secret I picked up in the jungle.

15. Because this boat on the island of Santa Catarina needs a captain 


And I’m pretty sure applications are open. We arrived to this little fishing village on Florianopolis on a winding and raining day. There were wild dogs to mingle with and delicious burgers to eat.

16. Because this coati just wants to play 


Well, he wants to do two things. Play, and eat your trash. It’s no wonder the Coati, cousin to the raccoon, is considered a pest to be shooed away with rocks by the locals. But look deep into those little beady eyes and tell me you don’t feel something!

Have you ever been to Brazil? What did you see?

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